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Beauty And Slimming Machine Belleza Ultrasonix

Beauty And Slimming Machine Belleza Ultrasonix
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Product Code : Beauty And Slimming
Brand Name : Biotronix India
Product Specifications
  • Warranty
  • 1 year
Product Description

BELLEZA Ultrasonic uses ultrasound waves to create air bubbles on the outside of the skin because the surface of the skin is not smooth. By holding the head of the Ultrasonix unit tightly against the skin increases trans dermal deliver. Which ensure easy penetration of cosmetic products into the skin.It can also be used in Thermal mode to provide sub dermal heating wherever desired. This causes thermal necrosis ofsub dermal cellulite and provides a smoothening effect


No needles - Less traumatic – painless

Thermal Mode control is provided.

Has facility to connect it to Belleza Electroporation system for combination-treatment to enhance drug delivery.
The mechanical effect of ultrasound energy opens access to tissue which was resistant before. Ultrasonix precisely targets deeper fat layers. There is-minimum heating effect on the skin of thepatient.As part of the process, ultrasound waves help to increase fibrotic fat structures,causing separation of the cell defensiveformation into individual units. The exposed cells are then more isolated and accessible and responsive to treatment.Belleza


  • Cellulite
  • Local fat deposits - xanthelasma, lipoma
  • Alopecia
  • Rejuvenation - wrinkles, skin tightening~
  • Hyperpigmentation and melasma~
  • Body contouring


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