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Belleza Cap RF Smoothening Of Wrinkles

Belleza Cap RF Smoothening Of Wrinkles
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Product Code : Belleza Cap
Brand Name : Biotronix India
Product Specifications
  • Warranty
  • 1 year
Product Description

BELLEZA CAP RF ideal for:
Smoothening of Wrinkles Lipolysis Bust lifting Reshaping Skin Firming Improving Skin Tone Skin Revitalizing

Why is BELLEZA CAP RF preferred over other technologies?

Long-term effect. A very pleasant experience, minimal discomfort to the user. Safe and Easy to operate. Low treatment cost. Does not affect nerves or blood vessels. Very quick Return on Investments. Immediate visual effect.

The Proionic Effect:The unique RF waveform generated by CAP RF optimizes the ionic exchange to balance the electric potential in the tissue. This stimulation preserves the physiology of the living tissue and improves the cells metabolism.

The Thermal Effect:The CAP RF waves, due to polar molecule resonance, heat up the collagen tissue of dermis layer.o o When deep collagen tissue is heated up to 45 C -60 C, it shrinks naturally and immediately. This creates inter spaces within the collagen tissue, and as a result, the collagen tissue will be stimulated to excrete much more new collagen to fill in the inter-space. Thus, the collagen will be rearranged and the skin tissue is rebuilt. Finally, the user will enjoy successful skin tightening, wrinkle removal, improved skin elasticity and luster.The Sub-Dermal heating stimulates and heats the fat cells. This causes release of fatty acids from the fat cells. The process is known aslipolysis. It results in shrinkage of fat cells and smoothing of cellulite.

:The CAP RF also improves micro circulation and causes arteriosclerosis,
What is CAP RF ? It induces a Proionic effect. The polar molecular resonance creates a Thermal effect The deep penetration of RF energy also promotes Microcirculation and Hyper activation.The waveform has no effect on the skin. This makes the CAP RF treatment a very gentle & pleasant experience for the patient.CAP RF uses a unique Capacitive field technology with a lower frequency. It penetrates deep into the dermal & sub dermal tissues to have the following effect on the skin.
The biological effects on body
Balancing the cell`s electric potential Improving membrane’s permeability Repairing the cells Lipolysis Activation of neocollagenesis Arteriolar vasodilation Improving venous flow and decreasing liquid retention Eliminating waste and toxins 


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