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Microwave Diathermy for Physiotherapy

Microwave Diathermy for Physiotherapy
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Product Code : Microwave Diathermy
Brand Name : Biotronix India
Product Description
Microwave Diathermy for Physiotherapy

Main characteristics:

Microwave therapy has been applied for many years in and abroad, its curative effect has generally been affirmed. When the microwave acts on the body organism, it will arouse high frequency vibration of the hydronium, hydrone and dipole in histiocyte. When the output energy of the microwave is low and radiant heat is weak, it can accelerate the local blood circulation, expedite local metabolize, improve local immunity thus it can improve local blood circulation effectively, promote hydrops absorbability, diminish inflammation and acesodyne. When the output energy of the microwave is high and radiant heat is strong, it can cause degeneration, coagulation and necroses of the proteid, so the microwave can cauterize and cut. In operations, the microwave treatment has good hemostasia effect and does little harm to organism (no charring) so to make patient less pain and cost less.

Microwave Therapy Equipment applies the 2450MHz frequency microwave. When the patients have the physical therapy (using physical therapy radiator), the microwave energy will generate internal source heat after being absorbed by organisms, the effective depth is 3-5cm.When the patients have therapy(using the therapy probe), the probe will focus the microwave energy and act on the touch point between the probe and organism to set heat, cauterize and cut.

Technical Characteristic:

1, Equipment Model: Class I, Type B, No category AP, APG Equipment , Cold method: Fan.
2, Operation Method: Continuous operation with short-time loading.
3, Frequency:2450MHz±30MHz
4, Output Power:0~100W adjustable for therapy;
0~40W adjustable for physical therapy
5, Timing Error:Not exceed 1% of timing limit
6,Voltage Standing Wave Ratio :≤2.5


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